Friday, 20 July 2012

Camera On Fire

It has finally got to the summer holidays and my mum has made up her mind up that I can go to Martin Mere tomorrow.
Today I put up my remote camera by my hanging feeders and got some great pictures of all sorts. I finally got a decent picture of some Blue Tits.
My dad thought they were Great Tits at first but then realised they were Blue tits.
I never realised how much bigger a House sparrow is than a Goldfinch.
There were a few Bullfinches this morning before I went to school and 1 or 2 White Throats.  Later on after school I went on a 1 mile bike ride to do some bird watching. I saw some Lapwings really close up, a Great spotted woodpecker scrambling up a wooden pylon, and finally I heard a Green woodpecker.
However the best thing throughout the day was......... a Great Spotted Woodpecker which fed on my nut feeder.
The camera also snapped a few of my favourites like the lovely chatty House Sparrows
And a peeping fat Wood Pigeon
Can't wait for Martin Mere tomorrow.


  1. You've got a super selection of visitors to your garden Findlay. I hope you get some good birding in during your school holiday and enjoy your day tomorrow!...[;o)

  2. A great selection Findlay.
    Have a good day tomorrow. I'm sure you'll see loads of birds.

  3. Brilliant pictures Findlay, take a look at my page got some nice Woodpecker shots the other day, enjoy Martin Mere

  4. Wonderful images Findlay... have a great day out tomorrow.
    Martin Mere is a lovely day out.

  5. Looks like you've got a great set up there in your garden - lovely variety of birds and that Great Spotted Woodpecker - lucky you! You're going to love Martin Mere, look forward to seeing the pictures, and what great weather too - for a change!