Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I’m sure in some of your gardens Starlings might be quite a common visitor, however Starlings in my garden are the commonest bird I get, and are here all the time.
Mostly feeding on my black tray or fat ball feeder the Starlings come in huge feeding parties mostly every 2 hours.
As you should know Starlings are quite greedy birds. And once there was a male Blackbird attempting to feed. As it was about to take a meal worm a group of Starlings came and gobbled everything up. As they left the Blackbird came for his turn to feed however there wasn’t anything left. (He looked very disappointed).
Here is a picture of some of our Starlings feeding earlier this year.
Just waiting for our Goldfinches to come for their evening treats.


  1. Great bird feeding spot! Nice to see some of your guests :)
    Interesting post, well done!


  2. Hi Findlay,

    What a great blog! I discovered it from Andrew's post. So nice to see the birds in your part of the world. I'm from Vancouver B.C. We also have lots of starlings here. Many people find them to be pests, but their colours in the sun are spectacular.

    1. There on the decline here in my country, so I try not to think of them as a pest.

    2. I didn't know that, Findlay. That's very interesting as they seem to be almost as numerous as crows here. A study in 2010 investigated the idea of trapping them. (I hate that idea.) They realize it wouldn't reduce the population very much but it would help farmers to protect their blueberry crops.