Thursday, 12 July 2012

Goldfinch Thursday!

Today was Goldfinch Thursday, there was Goldfinches flying in from every direction (as well as one Greenfinch).

Most of them were feeding on the niger seed feeder which I normally fill up twice a week; however one or two were having a peck at the high energy seed feeder. Here are a few pictures that my Infra-red camera took…look at the 2 on the niger seeds
At the moment there coming to feed nearly every half an hour, which means I can get a good look at them. They are just about learning to hang off the feeders properly,  it’s rather funny when you see them fail to land.
There are seven Goldfinches on the feeder at the moment.  


  1. I enjoy watching them eat. I watched the Goldfinches up on the mountains this weekend. Here in Tucson, we have House Finches. Love their red heads:) Enjoy the 7 goldfinches....I have a feeling they will multiply soon:)

  2. One of our most colourful garden visitors. Always good to see and hear them.

  3. Lovely little birds to see and it's great to see them in the garden

  4. Wonderful photos of your finches.

  5. They are such beautiful birds to see in our gardens Findlay.

    Unfortunately they are very messy eaters and can empty my sunflower heart feeder in under a day, with most of it going onto the floor!...[;o)