Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Regulars

I have just filled my nyger seed feeder up, and the moment I got in to watch, Goldfinches were sat on every peg of the feeder.

Lovely birds to watch, especially when they're squabbling as you can see a dazzling colour of gold stretched across the wing bar.

Collared Doves are every where at the moment, they are even coming right up to the window.

The grass in the field is almost certainly growing, however there is the odd seed that hasn't started growing yet which is why there are plenty of Starlings roosting every evening.

As you can see in this picture they are flocking together for feeding and roosting.  My local Buzzard family caused this group to take flight.

Now then, I think that Great Spotted Woodpecker has become a regular visitor to my garden now.

Wonderful birds to watch as they creep up trees and turn upside down foraging in the bark for insects.

Lovely garden visitors.  This one keeps an eye out for that Buzzard family too!


  1. Bonitas capturas Findlay,las del Jilguero te quedaron muy bien.Saludos

  2. Another great post Findlay.
    You've got a rich variety of birds where you are.

  3. Lovely post Findlay, really like the Woodpeckers :-)

  4. I especially like the top Great-spotted Woodpecker pic Findlay....excellent.

  5. Wonderful shots Findlay. What a exciting bunch of birds you have around!

  6. Great shots Findlay!! I particularly love the Goldfinches and the Great Spotted Woodpecker as they are birds we don't have in Australia.