Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Good Question 19 - Name the Bird

It's Quiz Night Tuesday

Tonight's question is a name the bird one, so here we go. What is this bird?

I was just going to put in the first picture, but I thought that might be a bit too tricky. So you have 2 pictures of the same bird.

I think quite a lot of you will get this one right. Douglas McFarlane won the last quiz, but I had to eat his prize (a slice of my birthday cake). It tasted really nice Douglas!

I am hiding all comments until the answer is revealed tomorrow, good luck.

And the answer is:

A male Golden Eye ( I knew I should have just posted the first picture)!


  1. Well I've tried getting this image myself several times trying to get the point when the head is about to hit the water and all I get is the 1st image so I know it's the Goldeneye as for the cake i hope you feel guilty I blamed my postman for eating it! :O)

  2. Findlay, I think I've rumbled you!...I reckon your good question quiz nights are just a ploy for you to get more cake?

    I'll go with a male Goldeneye for this one...[;o)

  3. I'm glad the seccond opic made it a bit easier - male Goldeneye for me. Hope to see plenty tomorrow



  4. Drake Goldeneye.

    Keep up the good work Findlay, the birds need you.

  5. Looks like a Goldeneye to me.
    Nice photos.

  6. Hi there - I got this one!

    Just got a life tick before breakfast! Great Tailed Grackle - but I am in Arizona!!

    Cheers - Stewart M