Thursday, 22 November 2012

Breakfast with the Starlings, before it's too late!

Finally I've got more news from the birdhide, the greedy but beautifully speckled Starlings.

Even though this picture is a little blured, I really like it. It is just the fact that they typically have their mouths filled with food.

Even though we get loads of Starlings in our garden, (in europe)  from1979 Starlings have declined by 80% almost 40 million birds. 150 Starlings have beeen lost each hour since the 1980s.

Climate change, pollution, loss of habitat and global warming are all creeping in, so all of us birders and wildlife lovers are going to have to do something or eventually these birds will be as rare as the Ivory Billed Woodpecker.

And I just hope these birds will still be around for me to enjoy over breakfast in the hide.

What do you all think we should be doing to change this situation?


  1. Estupendas capturas del Estornino pinto.Saludos

  2. I'm encouraged by your enthusiasm about conservation, much more to concern ourselves about the birds of the world birds than just admiring them Findlay.

    To answer your bottom line, to much to say on the subject, but getting our politicians interested would be the best start I should think.

  3. Starlings are lovely birds to see Findlay... and as Pete says it's getting politicions to listen to groups like the RSPB and BTO.

    Your images are fantastic by the way but can I suggest porridge for breakfast.

  4. They are taking over my yard and feeders again as our weather seems to be spring like instead of wintery . Lovely photos . Have you ever read the poem (We're starlings, the misses, meself and the boys)by Pam Ayres It is one of my faves ! Have a lovely day !

  5. You're certainly getting some good results from the hide Findlay.

  6. you look like you're enjoying yourself. :)

    starlings are beautiful, if not pesty birds. :)

  7. Sitting in your hide and admiring the Starlings stuffing their faces, oh, and you, lol. I agree with all others, politicians need to help birds, animals and not make money, that's my belief.

  8. Great photos and information, I didnt now this...I do not see them so often, bur every autumn they stop in my garden for a few days feeding on my threes :) They are so beautiful and it would be really bad if they dissappeared...

  9. Findlay thats a great post and a really good question to pose at the end. Starlings and House Sparrows along with many other species of birds have declined. What's the solution? I fear it rests in the hands of the politicians and wether or not they choose to listen to organisations such as the RSPB and BTO. I think an interesting idea might be to contact your local MP first via email, explain who you are, what he/she is doing about the issue and also send them a link to this post you have written. Then once the MP has acknowledge your email ask if you can attend one of his surgery's (face to face meeting with the MP held locally)with your parents, if the MP isn't interested in a young persons passion for wildlife conservation and the fact you contacted them, then shame on the MP. If that fails to get results then contact the MP in charge with the enviroment, doing the same thing (Owen Patterson), then finally the leaders of the three main parties. Good Luck.