Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Odd One Out - Identification Help Needed!

Since I have been talking about this white goose in the field next to me, I decided to try and get a closer look. This meant getting mum up early again.

Mr White stood out as soon as we approached the field.

I couldn't help noticing that it had a distinctive orange bill and pure white body. So definitely not a snow goose because it hasn't got black tipped wings.  I still don't know what it is.

Eventually they all took off at once so they could take a dip in the lake.

As you can see Mr White is in a group with a load of Canada Geese

See, even when it flaps it's wings, it's pure white.

When they were all on the lake it looked pretty immense, so I will keep trying to identify this white goose. In the meantime does anyone have any ideas what it might be? 
It could be a domestic goose, but it has retunred with the Canada Geese for the last two years.

I also managed pictures of the Fieldfares, but you'll have to wait for my next post to see them.


  1. It's more than likely a domestic goose Findlay. I have seen Embden Geese with Canada geese all over Cheshire. Lovely blue eyes if you can get close enough to see them.

    1. Would a domestice goose stay with the Canada geese for that long? It was with them last year too.

  2. I call them farmyard geese Findlay, but Andrews domestic goose does nicely, It'll maybe stay with the Canada Geese forever.

  3. Findlay, I found you this link about domestic greylags. Your goose will probably stay with the Canadas as long as they help it to find food.

  4. Hi Findlay...That one sure can't hide in the midst can it : )!
    Phil is very knowledgeable about these things, hope his link to cornell helps!!
    Interesting post,and the photos gave a good look at the white one !!

  5. I've a white goose that looks similar at my local lake.
    The one at my local is a male Canada Goose, of dubious parentage. They do interbreed with Greylags from time to time, and also with the mixed offspring. This can throw up some unusual looking birds.

  6. He looks lovely amongst all the Canadian Geese.