Monday, 12 November 2012

Building My Own Bird Hide

Yesterday my dad started to make a garden bird hide out of an old shed that wasn't used much. 

There is slots cut in the sides to see each feeder, it's even got one for the field so I can always see what the Buzzards are up to.

Dad has fitted shelves to rest elbows on and mum got 2 tall stools for us to sit on.

My brother always takes a sneaky peak out of each slot, he thinks the stools are really comfy.

Since the hide is nearly finished I decided to fill the feeders up and sit in the hide and see if anything would come down to feed.

One of the shed slots it is right up close to the feeders. And thats the one which is normally most active so I have to keep quiet, so I don't spook the birds.

Another slot gives a great view of the fence feeders.  I bought some new  food/treats for the birds...... insect pellets.

The roof sometimes leaks, but my dad is going to fix that by putting some felt on the top.

I need a few more things like a white board to record my sightings and stuff like that.

This morning I woke up and was straight into the bird hide and then my mum found me there.  She was laughing and I was even aloud breakfast inside the hide!!!!!

Bagel, orange juice and birding.

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  1. What a great bird hide, Findlay! I know you're really going to enjoy spending time there! And having breakfast there -- the very best place indeed!! Thanks for sharing your new place!

  2. Findlay, I am so envious.
    Well done to your dad, and mum, for their encouragement. I'm sure you are going to enjoy every moment spent there.

  3. It's fantastic Findlay.. it really made me laugh to hear you had your breakfast there. It won't be long before the birds are used to it and you start getting some great close ups.

  4. Fantastic Findlay, and a fantastic mum and dad.

    Bagel, Orange Juice, and Birding....Yes Please!!

  5. Wow, I couldn't think of a better way to start the day. Brekfast and birding! What a cool bird blind, it will be awesome to hide there and watch your feeder birds. You parents are awesome! have a great day!

  6. Hi Findlay...Super job on the hide..thanks to Mum and Dad, for helping you with your interest in birding!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us all!

  7. Haha you'll be setting up camp in there - just been reading Pete's little feature on you on Birds2blog, well deserved and have read the article in Cheshire Life, I said it on Pete's blog and I'll say it here - remember us all when you're a famous ornithologist won't you! Have a great time in that hide of yours, what a great idea!

  8. Estupendo hide,enhorabuena y que le disfrutes mucho.Saludos

  9. Brilliant Findlay!! What a great thing to have, i'm sure you'll have hours of great viewing from there. Have fun :-)

  10. That is one super hide, Findlay. I am very envious, but you deserve it for all the work you are putting into your hobby.

    I hope that you don't mind a couple of suggestions:

    You might find that the noise of your camera frightens the birds that are on the garden feeders that are very close, so you might want to move the feeders a little further from the hide.

    Another trick is to fix some dead/bare branches near to the feeders so that you can get some photos of birds on branches, rather than feeders, as it looks more natural (even though it isn't!). For example, I've got a dead silver birch sapling which is stuck into the ground next to my feeders. The woodpeckers (when I'm lucky enough to have a visit) land on this in a typical woodpecker upright pose, before going onto the feeders. My apologies to your parents if I'm suggesting something that they're not happy having in their garden (I know my wife is a bit sensitive about such things!).

    I'm sure you're going to have plenty of great times in your new hide. Please keep us posted via your blog.

  11. wow what a nice Dad and lucky you Findlay. I bet you're one of a small sprinkling of kids your age who might have their very own bird-hide! Well you might even be, the ONLY one! What a wonderful set-up --- what fun. Enjoy and look forward to some snapshots from there as time goes by

  12. Congratulations on your secret birding hut (hide). I bet you will have some exciting stories to share from your observations in the hide. Pack a picnic lunch or some snacks in case you get hungry.

    I can't wait to read about your adventures!

  13. you are going to have such fun in that hide, enjoy it.


  14. that is so slick! wonderful idea!

  15. It sounds like a great place to eat breakfast!

  16. Looks like a great hide Findlay, I'm really envious!!

    As Richard said some natural branches/perches will make for some good photographs, but also pay attention to where you site them, make sure they have clear uncluttered backgrounds.

    Good luck...[;o)

  17. Now THIS project looks like it'd be great. Work, yes...but oh the rewards!!!

  18. Hi !
    What a beautiful little house for birding ;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  19. Breakfast and birding! My favorite combination! We look forward to seeing what visitors you will be having.

  20. What a great hide! All you need is a bed and microwave and you could move in!

    Hope you get to see some of the waxwings that have arrived in the UK!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW - Stewart M - Australia

  21. Great hide Findlay, and well done to both your dad and mum for building a hide. Look froward to seeing what images you get from your hide. Others have offered up some great advice I hope those Buzzards get close to the hide

  22. A shed turn into a bird hide out? What a great idea! Just a little repair on the roof, walls, and everything else and it’s good to go. How is it? I hope the birds like their new place!


  23. How lovely you have your own bird hide!