Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Whooper Swans at RSPB Burton Mere

As it is Winter I decided to visit Burton Mere and to my delight there were about 6 Whooper Swans swimming around in the water.

And of course I didn't just look at the Swans, I also looked at the waders and since the tide was in at the estuary there were about 400 Black tailed Godwits and about 30 Redshank on the mere.

Eventually they all took off together which looked was absolutely extraordinary.

There were plenty of geese there, especially Greylag, however in comparison  there were no where near as many as the reserve at Martin Mere.

Beautiful birds to watch.

When I was at the second hide I looked through the window and saw a wondeful looking sky.

  It was great to see Austin and I want to say a special thankyou to the person who let me look through his telescope.


  1. Findlay, it is a great reserve to visit, and Austin is a top man.
    That's a lot of Black tailed Godwits.
    Great shot of all those geese.

  2. Nice post Findlay. I need to learn how to estimate the number of shore birds and geese like you do. I'm always saying things like 'a whole bunch of geese' or 'a ton of (whatever shorebird we're seeing)'. You are lucky to live close to this wonderful reserve and we are lucky that you share your pictures.

  3. HI Findlay .... Great post with great photos!!
    Love the Whooper's and your flight shots are very nice!!

  4. What a great selection of birds!!! Looks like an amazing day

  5. Looks like you had a great day Findlay. Keep up the good work.

  6. With lots of wildlife to see it looks like you had a pleasant and productive day out Findlay...[;o)

  7. Great stuff Findlay, well done with Whoopers, some good numbers of birds there, excellent!

  8. you have great places to visit. Wish I had that too. Nice shots.

  9. Another excellent post Findlay. Super photos and some very nice words!

  10. You saw some fantastic birds Findlay... great images.