Saturday, 17 November 2012

Collared Dove Close Ups

I have just put some food out on a tray close to the birdhide and as soon as I sat down in on my stool a Collared Dove came down to feed.

It is quite hard to get photos from the slots, but I had plenty of time to wait this afternoon.

As you can see when he finished he had his crop full of seed.

I have been getting close up to plenty of other birds as well, just like this wonderful Goldfinch.

And I can't forget the House Sparrows. They have been everywhere today. 

I will get some other pictures to share as well.
Happy Birding.


  1. These are brilliant pictures Findlay many thanks for sharing them.

  2. Some great results here Findlay. My favourite, however, is that second Collared Dove image - its eye shines like a precious ruby! Well done!

  3. Hi Findlay ...Great set of visitors you got, and the close ups are well done!! Like that Collared Dove, the eye like Richard said like a ruby!!

  4. Excellent first results from the 'slits' in your new hide....nice close up images Findlay. Bet you can't wait to get out there in the morning with your 'Breakfast and Birds'. Looking forward to your next set of pics.

  5. Findlay, I think it is so cool that I see the Collared doves and the House sparrows in my yard in the middle of the USA just like you do!

  6. Excellent 'firsts' from the hide Findlay...[;o)